From weddings, to music festivals to baby portraits, in everything we do, we want to be a part of it, enjoy it and capture it the way we would experience it if we were on the other side of the camera. BTX Productions is dedicated to providing highest quality content to our clients by seeing the world through the lens of our camera the way the clients see it in their minds. We transform your ideas into the most creative result with the help of the latest technology and the human touch. We are not the robots behind the camera, we are the experience.

Our goal is to get to know the client beforehand and get the closer picture of what the final product should look like. Our brides have become our friends, we send Christmas cards to the families we took portraits of and we party with the DJs.

We don’t just capture the experience. We are a part of it.



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  1. Bought my first Snowboard at Snowmass in 1996.The rustic bar was still at the bottom of the mountain.Hated the new bar when we came back. Love that place.Im old enough to remember the hatred between the skiers and boarders but I’m sure the owners are glad the boarders came back with their children and dollars.

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